Have you heard of Waymo? Buy it now

Hi, Whitney Tilson here…

And I’ve got two words for you: Buy Waymo.

It’s my favorite tech investment right now.

But before you buy it…

I’d like to explain why it’s one of the most exciting businesses I’ve found since I bought Apple at $1.42… McDonald’s at $13… and Netflix at less than $8.

You see, over the years, I purchased all of these stocks for my hedge fund clients – and helped many people make lots of money.

But although I still live in Manhattan, I don’t run a Wall Street hedge fund anymore.

Instead, I left that world behind, and I’ve hired some of the best Wall Street moneymakers I met throughout my 25-year career. Together, we’ve launched a business that’s the first of its kind that I’m aware of: 

Delivering true, Wall Street hedge fund-level investment ideas, without the exorbitant fees!

Today I want to show you a sample of the kind of work we do. This link on our website right here details our analysis about why Waymo can potentially help you make a small fortune over the next few years.

You’ll learn why it’s my favorite investment in this space right now – and exactly how to buy it.

If, after checking out our work, you want to become a customer of our fast-growing business, that’s great. If not, no problem. 

Either way, our recent presentation on this technology can potentially help you make a lot of money.

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