This (not coronavirus) will bankrupt many

Most Americans are about to get completely left behind.


Well, right now, there’s a huge shift taking place in the markets, yet most investors don’t have a clue.

And they are on the wrong side of a huge new trend. As a result, they are potentially going to lose A LOT of money, and also miss out on extraordinary gains.

The smart money – including many of my hedge fund colleagues I’ve been speaking with in Manhattan this week – is on one side of this shift.

On the other… well, unfortunately… that describes most regular investors.

Please don’t let it be you.

I’ve seen this type of seismic shift several times in my career – and I know from firsthand experience that it’s the type of critical moment that will make or break you over the next few years.

I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time over the past couple of months putting my entire investment thesis into a simple presentation.

It explains exactly what I think you should be doing with your money today.

Even better, I give you the name and stock symbol of my favorite stock to take advantage of this trend. No subscription, e-mail address, or credit card required.

I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to check out my latest work – my presentation is posted on my research firm’s website… where you can watch it for free.